Hit the streets with a Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition

The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition is not just the perfect camera bag for street photographers, it also supports a charity project on the streets of our cities. French street photographer Valerie Jardin helped us bring French chic to our Streetomatic line-up. Valerie will relinquish any profit from this Limited Edition bag to the #dosomethingfornothing project of Joshua Coombes. $25 US from each bag will help Josh to continue his amazing project.


Valerie JardinValerie Jardin is a French/US street photographer. “Photography changed my life. The day I picked up a camera I became a storyteller. I learned to see the extraordinary in everyday life. And my passion for documenting humankind has led me to find beauty in the most unlikely of places. As a visual storyteller, photographic images are how I tell these stories. Chasing light is my desire, my obsession, my addiction. My love of humankind drives me to wander the city streets tirelessly to capture the candid moments of daily life. These are the everyday moments most people would not see. These are the moments I want to find and tell. With this, photography continues to change my life.“ / About Valerie and Josh’s Cooperation / Hit the Streets Podcast

Josh is a stylist from London, and gives free haircuts to homeless people in cities around the world. Street photographer Valerie Jardin is documenting Josh’s work with her camera. Out of this cooperation came the idea of a Limited Edition Streetomatic to support the project. The CAMSLINGER Streetomatic Valerie Jardin Edition is limited to 200 bags, and $5,000 US will go to the #dosomethingfornothing project. It will help Josh give a good feeling and a fresh haircut to many people who live on the streets without a home and with very little resources.

Joshua CoombesJoshua Coombes
is a British hair stylist and founder of #DoSomethingForNothing. It’s a movement that connects, encourages, and inspires everyday people to carry out small acts of kindness and goodwill according to their particular skill, passing it on to those who need it. From humble beginnings, this global movement was originally initiated in 2015. Joshua’s desire, quite simply, was to positively impact people’s lives by offering free haircuts to the homeless, and in turn give them back some dignity.
His mission quickly caught the attention of media outlets worldwide. Recent coverage in the U.S includes articles from The Washington Post and appearing in National Geographic’s new series ‘The Story of Us’ with Morgan Freeman.

Joshua Coombes/#dosomethingfornothing on Instagram



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