Let’s do somthing together

Making your passion for photography more enjoyable – this is COSYSPEEDs approach to your needs as a photographer. Especially if you are using a mirrorless camera, a smaller DSLR or a superzoom camera you might find the perfect carrying solution for these modern and small systems in a CAMSLINGER bag. COSYSPEED products do not contain any materials of animal origin and are designed in Germany. All products are subject to German quality criteria. Production is carried out in Germany, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Africa? Yes, there is a product in our range that is “Made in Burundi”. The CAMPILLOW might be the only product made in Africa in the photo industry. To us it was not enough to invent innovative products, there should also be a deeper sense to it. We are living in the 21st century and everyone knows that we can master our future only together, not alone. So we are partnering with a development project, which to us is not just some kind of corporate social responsibility. It is part of COSYSPEED and will be extended in the coming years.



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