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By Thomas Ludwig


Back in November 2013 I had the pleasure to welcome Chris Gampat, Editor in Chief and founder of the blog „The Phoblographer“ in Berlin. The New York based blog has many hundred thousand visitors each month and me myself I am a long time reader and like it very much. It’s a cool mixture of gear review, photo news and other stuff all around photography. Chris came across the Atlantic ocean right from New York to talk about his philosophy and to be the center of our first video in the series „A Photoblogger’s Philosophy“.

Chris is a super nice guy and we met up for a first time in September 2013 when I was in New York. I showed him one of the first of our Camslinger prototypes and some days later I asked him spontaneously if he would come to Berlin for this video project about photoblogger’s. He said immediately yes and I was amazed.


His flight came via Brussels and he stuck there for the whole day because the belgian pilots were on strike. Jan Wagner, director/camera guy, and me were a little stressed, as we had just about two days for this project. And the poor Chris wasn’t that lucky too. He told me that he gave some camera and photo instructions to other waiting passengers. So at least these guys had profound profits while waiting. The idea of the video was, that Chris should walk through the streets of Berlin, take some images and talk about his philosophy. But it wasn’t that easy, because his luggage was not in the plane and so we had to go first into a H&M store to buy some clothes for him.

And also the major part of his gear was in that luggage. So he was using my OM-D when we were turning the first day. His bags came in the evening and for the second day he used his X-Pro 1. Man that was a heart shaking start but nevertheless we had a lot of fun.

Then Jan made an interview with Chris. That was in Jan’s kitchen in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and it was great and very inspiring to listen to Chris.

Here is the link to The Phoblographer. All images of this making of were made with a LUMIX G6.

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