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We have a new project on the radar 🙂 Together with Swiss photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner we are developing a CAMSLINGER especially for outdoor active photographers like climbers, hikers, bikers etc. If all went fine, we’d start a crowd-funding in September.

The main benefit of CAMSLINGER bags is the quick and 100% single-handed access to your cam. For many outdoor active photographers this could be a deal breaking advantage. Furthermore we had mirrorless cameras in focus, but a CAMSLINGER fits also DSLRs or Superzooms. You can wear it at the hip or over your shoulder.

Here is a video Stephan made with our first prototype:

We would be super happy if you could support our project with your ideas and suggestions!!! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below this post. MANY THANKS!!!!

Here are some images Stephan made of different setups:

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