The HASSELBLAD X1D Street Review

By Thomas Ludwig When HASSELBLAD presented the X1D medium format mirrorless camera in 2016, I was very impressed. And glad and happy for HASSELBLAD for this bold move after some shaky times in [...]

EN – The OLYMPUS 25mm/F1.2 Street-Review

By Thomas Ludwig F1.2 – WOW! It’s the first time I used a lens with such light gathering abilities. As a standard lens with a field of view like the nifty fifty in full frame terms, one [...]

EN – The LUMIX GX8 and GX80/85 in London

By Thomas Ludwig Some weeks ago I took the LUMIX GX8 on a trip to Hamburg/Reeperbahn and was pretty impressed by it. This time I had the chance to test the GX80 (in some countries it’s [...]

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EN – The LUMIX GX8 Street Review

By Thomas Ludwig The Panasonic LUMIX GX8 has some impressive specs and comes along in a rangefinder style body. As it is not the smallest mirrorless camera and though a bit more eye-catching, I [...]

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EN – PEN F Experience

The OLYMPUS PEN F Experience By Thomas Ludwig It’s a sexy little camera, the PEN F. Many would use it as a street photography camera and that’s the way I wanted to review it. My focus [...]

EN – Crowd-Development CAMSLINGER Outdoor

  We have a new project on the radar 🙂 Together with Swiss photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner we are developing a CAMSLINGER especially for outdoor active photographers like climbers, [...]

EN – Making of “A Photoblogger’s Philosophy – Steve Huff in Las Vegas”

By Thomas Ludwig This ‘making of’ will start with some few personal notes. Back in 2012, when I started COSYSPEED I was already a fan of Steve’s blog for some years. I remember well that I liked [...]

EN – Making of “A Photoblogger’s Philosophy – Thomas Leuthard in Frankfurt”

By Thomas Ludwig Some months ago I had the pleasure to meet well known street photographer Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland. He is a very kind and open guy and I asked him spontaneously if he [...]

EN – Making of “The Mirrorless Hero – Shootout with the past”

By Thomas Ludwig Back in August 2013 we were planning to shoot a promo video for our unique CAMSLINGER bags for mirrorless cameras. One of the major benefits of the bags is the fast and [...]

EN – A photo walk with Thomas Leuthard

By Thomas Ludwig On the first weekend of April I had the chance to meet up with Thomas Leuthard, well known street photographer from Switzerland. Back in February we had a first contact while I [...]


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